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Defining experimental factors in MeltDB

  • MeltDB allows to define and reuse experimental factors for your chromatograms and experiments.
  • Simply select 'Organize Experimental Factors' from the main page after you logged in.
MeltDBWiki$$ExperimentalFactors$menu factors.png
  • We have included the minimal and recommended categories for the description of metabolomics experiments that have been suggested by the 'Metabolomics Standards Initiative'. The actual 'Experimental Factors' and the associated 'Experimental Factor Values' can be annotated within MeltDB. The following screenshot shows the hierarchical structure of some of the experimental factors and associated values that have been defined for the sample experiments in the public MeltDB project.
  • Through this interface MeltDB users can directly add new factors to the respective categories and use them to annotate chromatograms. Multiple experimental factors can be assigned to single chromatograms.