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Using the public MeltDB experiments

  • Login to the public MeltDB project using the guest account:
  MeltDB guest login
  • To analyze the publicly available datasets in MeltDB, please select 'Browse/Analyse an existing Experiment' from the start page.
  • Select the 'Three carbon sources' experiment by clicking on the folder icon to the left.
  • The textual display of the experiment is presented and a number of potential actions together with their short descriptions are listed below.
MeltDBWiki$$HowTos$carbon sources.png
  • Please select 'Show PCA' to start the PCA analysis on the previously imported peaks found by Xcalibur preprocessing methods.
  • Select all chromatograms and a list of metabolites and click the 'Compute PCA' button. If you would like to log-transform the measured and normalized metabolite values, mark the 'log' checkbox.