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Manual Retention Index Annotation

  • Login to the your MeltDB project using your authorized account
  • MeltDB login
  • Select the chromatogram for which you would like to annotate the Retention Indices using e.g. the iMelt overview or the search function.
  • After you opened your chromatogram, please select 'Annotate retention indices manually' from the action list.
  • Select the retention times of the alkane standard peaks that were added to the measurement and move them in ascending order to the dialog box at the left.
  • For each selected peak, specify the corresponding Retention Index in the right text box.
  • Click the 'Compute RI' button

Identifying Alkane Standards

  • The TIC view of your experiment can help you to identify the Alkane Peaks. The ions with mass-to-charge ratio 57, 71, 85, 99 are typical for the alkane standards.